Hey Ott!

3 questions...

What's your favorite synthesizer?

Do you use any software synths?

If so, what is your favorite soft synth?

Bonus question: can you recommend any cool (but free) synths?

Ott responded on 03/12/2013

Favourite ever? Regardless of cost or whether I'll ever actually own one?

Roland Jupiter 8

Favourite that I actually own?

Korg MonoPoly.

Favourite Softsynth?

I use the Korg Legacy MS-20 softsynth a LOT but mainly, I think, because I have the Legacy Controller and that turns the softsynth into a 'hard' synth.

The Korg Legacy MonoPoly is also very good. Much less faithful to the original than the MS-20 plugin but a really good synth in its own right anyway.

I can't recommend any free synths because I don't use any - gone are the days when I download every plugin I see and spend my life reading poorly-written PDF manuals translated from Vietnamese via Bulgarian.

There are LOADS of great free synths though - you just need HOURS of spare time to evaluate them all.

I'd rather be walking the dogs these days.

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