so, why you choose a desktop mac, for composition? you donĀ“t use more windows/PC?
Tell me about advantages and disadvantages. Thanks a lot! You are the one!

Ott responded on 04/24/2013

I've been a Windows/PC user since about 1993. I'd used Macs [the old Altivec models] professionally as an engineer for years and never really got on with them. They felt slow.

Then Apple switched to Intel processors and I became interested again. I noticed that at gigs the PC-using DJs would sit and discuss tweaks, fixes and workarounds for Windows while the Mac users would sit and chat about music and shagging.

Then, in 2011, the Dell laptop that I used for live shows started stuttering and dropping out during gigs. I had to junk it and get another so on the spur of the moment, in a hotel in Dallas, Texas, I decided to go to the Apple Store and try a Macbook Pro.

Since that day I haven't had a single dropout. I haven't lost one piece of data and I no longer have to reboot four times a day.

Windows is a horrible platform for music. OSX is clearly better in every way and if I had more than the [arbitrary] Fanbridge 1000 character limit I'd go into detail as to why.

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