Have you upgraded to Cubase 7 yet? Live 9? Are you liking the new features?

Ott responded on 03/26/2013

Cubase 7 - not on your life.

That mixer looks like the editor program I used to run on a 486 PC for my Soundtracs desk in 1995. I hope they sort it out because it's a deal-breaker for me.

Ableton 9 - I'm using the 30-day trial at the moment but the upgrade is a no-brainer. The 'clip automation' function is worth it on its own.

I can remember using version 1 when it first came out and the feeling of utter incredulity that you couldn't record automation moves into clips. Duh.

It only took them ten years but they got there.

I still don't want to mix in it though - the automation is infuriating to edit. You can't snap envelope points to the grid and when editing them with a mouse they seem to be programmed to avoid round numbers. So, for example, I want to set a tempo change to 90bpm and It'll jump to either 90.1bpm or 89.99 bpm.

There is a workaround but for £500 I want it to not be a bag of shit straight out of the box.

Don't get me started on Ableton Live annoyances...

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