Did you ever go through with your old plans for a hackintosh system? Please feel free to use your 1000 characters here to share some more key points of your "OSX is clearly better" experience.

Ott responded on 03/26/2013

No, I got an iMac and I love it. I had a play with a friend's Hackintosh and it didn't inspire confidence. Too many plists and kexts for my taste. I've had quite enough of 'digital gardening' thanks.

If you want to know why OSX is clearly superior to Windows within a music-making environment try this simple experiment:

Open a song in your main DAW program and hit play.

After ten seconds, and with the song still playing, unplug all your peripherals - audio interface, midi controllers, midi interfaces etc.

Count to twenty.

Plug them all in again and hit play.

Notice the result.

On OSX your song will gracefully carry on as before.

On Windows your machine will be so hardlocked that you'll probably have to pull the power plug out of the wall to get it to reboot and then spend an hour manually removing and reinstalling your ASIO/midi controller drivers.

I know hundreds of workarounds that almost make Windows function reliably as a DAW.

I don't know any for OSX.

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