For what it's worth I think your stage banter is rather cheeky. I always get a good chuckle out of your dry, almost satirical, sarcasm. Praise Bob.

Ott responded on 05/31/2013

Coming on stage in Dallas, Texas, and saying "Greetings from the Mother Country!" was a risky move which didn't necessarily pay off, judging by the boos and hisses which erupted from the audience straight afterwards.

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Other attempts to be charming have included:

"Make some noise motherfuckers. [*Silence*.] Can anyone understand me? is this mic on? Pff! Pff! Hello??!".

"I hope you're all wearing your magic golden underpants." [In Salt lake City.]


"Welcome to 90 minutes of 'Not Dubstep'!" in Chicago.

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