Is that your laughter in Queen of All Everything? I've always wondered. Absolutely LOVE your music! Thanks!

Ott responded on 04/24/2013

No, it's [Naked] Nick Holden who sang the vocals on that song.

On the way home from Glastonbury 2005 or 2006 we all went back to my house for a shower and some food. That evening I played Nick the backing track, which I'd been playing about with for months, and he suggested getting a mic out and trying some improvised vocals.

I piled up loads of effects on his voice and sent them to his headphones so all he could hear was this eerie robotic synth-vocal and what you hear on the song is what came out on the first take.

While he was singing I was messing around with the synth and effect settings and at one point it got so ridiculous he burst out laughing and said "That's really surreal!" which is what you hear in the breakdown section.

I edited his performance a bit to give it some structure and then mixed it.

The song was very easy to finish once his vocal was on there.

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