The kick/Bass interaction in Mi-Loony-Um! remix is mind blowing!I suspect the bass is a kind of square pulse and highly compressed.Is there any kick/bass sidechaining?Can you tell us more about it?:-)

Ott responded on 05/24/2013

The bass is definitely a square wave and it is definitely heavily compressed. It was played on the ReFX Junox VSTi which is long defunct I think.

I remember this because I remember thinking how ugly it was and being surprised when that huge sound came out of it. I never used it on anything else as far as I recall.

There's no kick/bass sidechaining - it's just about where the notes land. The bass line and the kick pattern will have been played as a long take - the kick probably eight or sixteen bars, the bass probably about 4-5 minutes - and I will have taken care to make sure they work together musically and sonically so that remedial sidechaining wouldn't be necessary.

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