Hi Ott,
I have a couple of questions for you.
The first is about you rlive performances. I have a band where we use abletion for teh electronic sounds, but all the instruments we have to send them straight to the mixer, because if we put then straight through ableton then we have latency issues, ie the sound coming out a fraction of a second later than it is played. How did you get around that?
The second is more of a broad question. What are your favorite to use fx on your instruments (besides compression and eq and delays, those are a given). And what do you use to give your kick a nice crunch.
Thanks for all the awesome music for the last decade! Still fondly remember those too hot sets in The Depo in Bristol!

Ott responded on 05/24/2013

1. We all use custom-fit in-ear monitors and we all play with the same latency. Our computers are well specified and we are able to play with very small buffers which means the actual latency is very low.

2. Eventide Instant Phaser, MXR Flanger, Orban 111B and Roland Dimension D.

3. Drawmer DL 221

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