What healthy measures do you take at work? To avoid things like RSI, thrombosis, back problems, ear damage and all that.. do you use something like workrave to schedule breaks? Do you limit the speakers?

This is awesome by the way!! I have learned a lot =)) Thanks!

Ott responded on 05/31/2013

I work quietly 99.99% of the time and what I call 'loud' most people call 'audible'.

As an engineer in the early 1990s I made a habit of working flat out because it disguised the shortcomings in my work and impressed the stream of scruffy guitar bands I tended to work with. And because it was fun.

Then, in about 1996, I started experiencing hearing problems - loss of HF, ringing, tinnitus etc - and realised that if I wanted to do this forever i'd need to learn some discipline. So I turned the speakers down and almost immediately the standard of my finished mixes shot up. Not only could I extend the length of time I could work without ear fatigue but also I realised that listening at low volume reveals an awful lot more detail.

I am careful when considering ergonomics of my work position - mouse height, back support etc - but I'm terrible for slouching and not taking breaks so I see quite a lot of my osteopath.

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