What kind of setup would you recommend for me? I use Ableton and a bunch of plugins. I have a decent soundcard and quad core cpu. My cpu spikes too much. I don't know what kind of hardware to invest in to have a better workflow. I have to remove plugins and bounce tracks and its so frustrating if I need to go back and edit them. I feel like giving up on my projects when my PC can't handle it. Any tips for having a better workflow and should I invest in some hardware? Thanks and I can't wait for the new album. Cheers

Ott responded on 07/04/2013

Buy a Mac.

That was the single most positive technological change I ever made to my music making setup and in a stroke solved every single one of my equipment problems. I no longer spend my valuable studio time trying to find workarounds for basic technical issues.

In the studio I use a 3.4ghz i7 iMac bought from the Apple refurb store. Best couple of grand I ever spent.

I stack up the high-end plugins and record endless clips and tracks and I barely see the CPU meter go above 45% in Ableton or Cubase.

On stage and at home I have a 13" MacBook Pro which plays projects made in the studio with ease.

Honestly, I'm sorry to sound like a fanboy, but after 20 years of struggling to run music software on Windows and then experiencing the joy and pleasure of doing the same with OSX I'm now a dedicated Apple enthusiast.

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