Hey Ott,
A while ago, I think on Facebook, you mentioned walking into a venue and being amazed that they had equipment set up that you described as above and beyond everything else you've worked with. I think you may have called it "almost certainly alien technology". I can't find the post now, and I'm really intrigued! What was the brand, and what, in your opinion, makes it so phenomenal?

Thanks so much, man. You've answered my questions before and I'm so thankful to be able to bother you with this trite bullshit whenever I feel so inclined. And, for whatever it's worth, I'm tripping balls excited for the All Seeing I album! Peace.

Ott responded on 07/04/2013

Hi Ed,

That would be Funktion One - purveyors of the finest sound equipment in the known galaxy.

Except, I'm now a Meyer Sound convert.

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