ott: Don't get me started on Ableton Live annoyances... please will you? Here's a fresh 1000 characters just for that :)

Ott responded on 07/04/2013

Sometimes I feel that they're all sitting there in their modern offices, wearing square black-rimmed glasses and roll-neck sweaters going "I know it is completely counter-intuitive to put the track controls and labels on the top and right hand side of the screen but we're Ableton - we HAVE to be different."

So we have the track labels at the top of the screen [Session view] instead of just above the fader where EVERY sequencer and hardware mixer has theirs.

We have the arrangement screen 'reading' right to left, unlike every other sequencer I've ever used.

The automation appears programmed to avoid round amounts, so tempo-track changes with the mouse jump annoyingly between 99.7 bpm and 100.3 bpm and refuse to land on 100 bpm.

It is unable to perform very simple tasks like normalise a file or apply a 'legato' process to a midi clip but it will extract harmonies and upload your files to fucking Soundcloud!

That's 920 characters and I haven't even got going yet!

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