thank you Ott, you have always been great inspiration for me but also big frustration as my music it is not beatiful like yours :(
Now, the question: How do you find the right balance in your bass?balance between listening to it with headphones, stereo, laptop, and 40k sound system?

Ott responded on 07/17/2013

The magic others make always seems more special than your own. I listen to my favourite musicians and wish my music sounded as beautiful as theirs. Learn to love your own sound.

I have a special space in my studio [laying on my back on the sofa] where the bass sounds just right. So I lay there and judge it with my eyes closed.

In addition to that I use VU meters [K-14] to judge average loudness and know where the [soloed] bass should be when the mix averages at 0dB.

And my main technique for judging bass levels and character is to place my thumb on the speaker cone and feel it.

Ears are pretty useless for interpreting sub bass - frequencies below around 100hz we don't hear with our ears, we feel them with our bodies. A thumb on the speaker will tell you more than a thousand listens.

My left NS-10 has a greasy black mark on the bottom edge of the LF driver from where I've been feeling the sub bass for twenty years.

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