Hey mr. Ott! Thanks for all the great music, it makes me very happy.. !

I have a question about getting my tracks sounding tight. I layer lots of small samples, analog synths, LFO bass lines, audio, battery drums, etc.

Do you manually stretch and copy until things fit according to a click or quantize audio, a synth line for example. Or do you find that moving stuff around some sits on each side of the beat but somehow comes together with a coherent rhythm? Or do you cut up audio in to tiny beat sized chunks and move them?

My tracks are sounding good, but still a bit loose round the edges. I realise it's probably a mixture of all those things, but any advices is welcomed.

Want to show you this as well (case and boards from diy-racked)

33609 build, pretty simple in many respects, I know you're a fan and I'm building one as I listen to your music, so.... :-)

Ott responded on 08/04/2013

All of the above. I do whatever it takes to make everything sound 'right'. I can spend days on a part, moving tiny things about and then it either clicks into place or I get bored and delete it.

I'm afraid I'm in the same boat as you and the only rule I have is to accept nothing less than " good as I can make it".

A home-made 33609? I would love to hear it when it is finished.

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