Hi Ott! I've been on your performances 4 times before, but the gig at S.U.N was definitely the best one. A lot of extended versions of your earlier stuff (L.S.D, The Track With Nice Tibetan Gongs [Mouse Eating Cheese? can't remember], etc.) and some new tracks ("Dog Song" (tm), The One With Pretty Woman Vocal). Will they be released on your next album? Thanks a lot!

Ott responded on 08/04/2013


I don't know what's going to be on the next album currently. I have loads of things on the go, none of them finished but all of them coming together really nicely.

I don't know which songs you are describing but I'm pretty certain "Dog Song" is this:

Twenty years old and still sounding like the future.

The absolute, undisputed, daddy of them all.

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