Hi Ott. Is it alright to use your music in a songpack I'm making for stepmania?
Basically, it's a free open source rhythm game for PC where users can create their own content such as stepcharts and animations etc.
The songpack itself is completely fan-made and I won't be making any sort of a profit out of it.

Ott responded on 08/04/2013

I don't really understand the medium or the implications for future copyright so I'd have to say no.

With situations like this, if I understand the end use and I'm satisfied that it is being used for purely artistic purposes - for example, somebody wants to use one of my songs as accompaniment to a video of themself skateboarding for their friends to watch on YouTube - I'm usually ok with that, as long as credit is given and permission asked.

Because I have no idea what a Stepmania songpack is, and don't have the time to find out, I don't know either way if it something I want to be associated with.

If you want to discuss a formal licence [not necessarily involving any cost to you] feel free to email me with a few more details - ottsonic at gmail dot com.

And thanks for asking - I appreciate your consideration.

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