So... you're not into Ableton in most cases. I remember years and years ago you defending Reason on the Twisted Records forums, but I'm pretty I've read here that you're not really rocking that anymore. You liked things out of the new Cubase... what DAW software do you use now? Do you use different software in the studio than what you use for live performances? As a beginner, it's pretty daunting to pick a DAW because there doesn't seem to be one Highlander-esque supreme option... but if anyone's opinion matters to me, it's yours. Got any input, good sir?

Ott responded on 08/08/2013

I fucking *LOVE* Ableton Live - it's probably the most radically brilliant innovation in electronic music since the sequencer.

I just think it is needlessly flawed and sometimes it feels like it is trying to be different for its own sake. I love that they approach sequencing from a completely fresh and unique angle but I think some of their 'innovations' feel counter-intuitive. I sense an imperative to constantly re-invent the wheel.

I use it in the studio and it is the only game in town for live performance. Nothing comes close.

But I've no desire to edit or mix in it - Cubase has everything beat for that, whether Logic or DP or even ProTools in a lot of ways. I do like my right-mouse toolbox and being able to adjust fine parameters with the mouse scroll wheel.

Reason is a fantastic writing tool and a brilliantly immersive world to inhabit. The experience is total.

DAWs are like computer games and their value is in how they make you feel when you inhabit them.

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