How do your studio tracks tend to come together? When you're staring down a new blank file on your computer, what's the first thing you drop in and how does it tend to be added to and subtracted from? Also, when does the multiplication (effects and sidechains and start) start?

Thanks for the response, and much love to you and yours, my friend.

Ott responded on 08/06/2013

20% of the time it'll be a musical idea - some piano chords or a pad sound.

Usually it's a drum pattern, followed by a bass line. In a long loop - 32 or 64 bars.

Then I just build upwards, one sound at a time. Everything tends to be related in some way to the previous sound but also pushes the tune in a slightly different direction - harmonically or sonically. I get a kind of 'Chinese Whispers' effect where the sound of the whole thing subtly morphs as I progress.

When I feel I have enough depth and options I start to arrange it into some kind of shape. This is the hardest bit for me because I'm compelled to try every permutation but it's satisfying when it finally all works.

Once I have a 'song' I start thinking about the mix and I'll go through every sound and try to turn it into the best it can be.

Then it's a process of establishing the sonic relationships between elements and moving things around until it all sounds cohesive.

When I stop twiddling - it's done.

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