Any tips, acousticly, on recording with condenser Mics? I have a Rhode NT1A and my recordings seem distant and cold. Cheers!

Ott responded on 08/12/2013

I have a Rode NT2 and it isn't my favourite mic by any means. I'd describe it as "distant and a bit cold".

It's not a bad mic but it isn't brimming with character and would probably benefit from being paired with something like a Golden Age Pre 73 mic pre-amp or similar.

Like many people, I went straight out and bought a Rode NT2 the week they came out because it appeared I was getting a U87-equivalent for £200, but the similarity is mainly cosmetic. It'll do most things ok but I've never put in front of anything and gone "Wow!"

I generally run it through the pre-amp on my EMS System 2000 vocoder - suddenly everything you point it at sounds like 1975.

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