hello, it's parker from Nashville, Tennessee. one of those dudes that painted at your show with the live band and then hung out with you guys for a while at cafe coco down the street from the venue. whew. preface over.
i recall that when we last hung out you mentioned you would do me "a proper cup of tea". i am still interested in such things.
i will be at your show in Chattanooga, TN. i will be painting and dancing and being generally weirder than most other people there. perhaps after the show we could have some tea? shall i bring some tea? any preference? i will seriously bring all the goods for a "proper cup" if you would be so kind as to break down what that would entail.
grazie mille.

Ott responded on 08/12/2013

Mug [white, glazed.]

Tea. [English Breakfast, Assam, Ceylon.]

Milk. [Semi-skimmed, 2% or unsweetened soya milk.]

Water. [Boiling, not just hot. 100c]

Sugar. [White. to your preference]

I'll do the rest.

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