What was the creative process like when remixing Angelic Particles? Especially considering it has so little to do with the original track beside the vocal sample, and the second part to me, is SO wonderfully reminscent of pink floyd's music. I mean it's quite incredible how a hallucinogen track remix can turn out that way. Do you like pink floyd?

Ott responded on 08/12/2013

Yeah, Simon and I are both HUGE Pink Floyd fans.

He tends to prefer the later stuff, I love most of their music up to and including 'Animals'. Not sure about 'Atom Heart Mother'.

With all of 'Hallucinogen In Dub' my process was to discard anything that could possibly identify the track as 'psy-trance' and build the rest according to my taste.

'Angelic Particles' was the closest to being a proper collaboration, with me and Simon in my studio laying down all the guitar parts.

I think he enjoyed not having to make decisions and fuck about with computers and stuff and I enjoyed saying "Ok, now how about a double-tracked arpeggio part with a big swirly phaser on it?'

He'd invariably nail it first take and then do a great double-track straight after it. Very useful person to have in a studio.

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