Where you pissed at Simon when sphongle overplayed their set at waka two-three years ago? they said you were missing, is that true or shanagins? That was the only set I have seen you not smiling from ear to ear, only reason I ask.

Much love,
Southeast ott coalition.

Ott responded on 08/12/2013

No, Simon was filling in for me because my flight got cancelled and I got stranded at La Guardia for 7 hours.

Instead of flying into Fayetteville I was diverted to Tulsa and had to drive a rental car like I stole it, all the way to Wakarusa. When I arrived it was about 2:00am and the few site staff I could find were tripping wildly so it took nearly an hour to get me to the stage and I arrived with half an hour left. It took me 15 minutes to set up and then I played for fifteen minutes.

I wasn't smiling because the entire experience was a total bummer. I had a shit day dealing with airlines, a stressful three-hour drive, capped off with a substandard set for people who deserved a lot more.


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