How are you mate :)

On the average production day, how many hours of work do you put in?
How long did it take you to become comfortable with the music software when your journey began?
I'm not a musician, I'm into graphics. I wish to get on a higher level. I'm intermediate. Time to take it to the next level. I need advice from a master who has made great accomplishments such as yourself!
After landing myself in a designer job, I will pursue plan b. Music production. Primary focus is to accomplish one thing at a time :)

Cheers for your time!

Ott responded on 08/13/2013

I'm 18 hours into a 24 hour session now. Average is between 12 and 18 hours. When I'm working I sleep very little.

It's hard to say how long it took me to learn the software - I'm pretty good at picking stuff like that up and I've been making music on a computer for about 22 years now.

The only advice I can give is work as many hours as you can.

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