Hey :) , i am a big fan for many years , i love music , electronic music is my soul , but as u know if i dont have the right path im am sinking , now i am at state of titanic i cant come up to the surface , my hope is to be like you one day but i live the life in israel like soilder can you help me with tips for a good path to start again i feel like its my last chance before i go and live the boring life of a citizen i have some knowlege in music producing , any way i don really know how to ask from people so u can just skip to here. Hope all the good for you , you are my top artist and to think you passed simon and all the rest that no serious it makes your greatness , have a nice day good week exelent month and great year , hope to hear new cd coming up , thanks for reading my crap good day

Ott responded on 08/13/2013

Strip it all back.

Live as simple a life as possible.

Eat simple food, do simple things, don't chase money or status.

Listen to the inner voice telling you what you need to be happy and follow what it tells you.

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