What is the most amount of mushrooms you ever took?

Ott responded on 10/21/2013

A small handful of psilocybin picked by a friend from a cow field in North Wales and dried on the back of his fridge. They tasted disgusting, got stuck in my throat because I wouldn't chew them enough, and they made me burp all night.

Did the job though - this was at one of The Orb all-nighters at Brixton Academy in the early 1990s and I developed full-on holophonic 3D synesthaesia.

I'm not into pushing the envelope with heroic doses of stuff. I tend to think the minimum amount to achieve the desired effect is most efficient and conducive to a fulfilling experience.

My own consumption of psychedelics is comparatively modest and my lifetime's intake of everything would probably fit comfortably into a matchbox.

That said, it is possible to fit a fucking lot of acid into a matchbox.

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