1) Will there be any chance of Ott and the All Seeing I playing in the UK some time?

2) Do you get as fed up as I do seeing the subject of drugs come up on every Ott song posted on YouTube?

Ott responded on 08/20/2013

1) Yes - we're discussing with promoters in Bristol and London. Hopefully Manchester and Glasgow too.

2) I find YouTube comments in general utterly dispiriting. Most conversations seem to go:

[Person 1] This song sounds great after a modest puff on some nice weed!
[Person 2] You should be able to enjoy this music without drugs!!! Loser.
[Person 3] If you haven't smoked DMT on a surfboard you are lame.
[Person 4] USA person are all corrupted by drugs and junk food. God is great.
[Person 5] USA! USA! Number 1! Number 1!! USA invented this internet, moran!
[Person 2] Smoking drugs on a surfboard kills people and ruins lives!!!
[Person 3] Your life is empty and you are not enlightened.
[Person 1] WooOoW!! I'm, like *really* fukken baked!!1!
[Person 6] Please Like my channel - it is Lyndsey Lohan NUDE!!
[Person 7] Hey guys - don't tell anyone but Sears are GIVING AWAY iPhone 5 - I clicked this link and got my iPhone 5 in three minutes!! NO JOKE!! IT REALLY WORKS!!11
[Person 8] Your gay.

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