Hi Ott, after a long day's work there's nothing I enjoy more than a cold beer or 3, probably to the detriment of my work the next day… I'm curious as to when you gave up the booze, and why?
PS. I'm really enjoying reading this Q&A

Ott responded on 08/20/2013

I never like the taste, hated the hangovers and, by age 18, I realised that it brought out the worst in me.

I'd have one beer, then another, and halfway through the third, a switch would go and suddenly I'd have had fifteen pints and punched a policeman.

I was drinking regularly from about 14 years-old and, with my friends, got into the habit of weekend drinking until I fell over and threw up.

When I was about 18 somebody at a party gave me a small paper square with a purple om symbol on it and told me to chew it up. It rocked. I didn't drink anything that night [unusual for me] and never drank alcohol again.

i've had the occasional cold beer since then and quite enjoyed them and I'm sure that now I'm 45 I'm probably much less of a dick when I've had a few, but on the odd occasion I've felt the physical effects creeping up, even slightly, I've backed off because it isn't a sensation I enjoy.

Booze makes me feel more stupider and I don't need or want to feel any more stupider.

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