So, ive been using spotify a lot. I like it. I was wondering what you think of it? Do you think its more useful as a promotional tool or as a way of earning income?

I pay $10 a month to listen to whatever I want on spotify, I was wondering if the artists on it are actually benefiting from it.

Also, this asking questions thing and you answering thing is really cool.

Ott responded on 08/19/2013

It's great isn't it? I get to talk about myself at length with no guilt.

When I joined Spotify recently, out of curiosity I went off to my Tunecore account to see what, if any, money I had received from them. I had heard that Spotify rates are notoriously bad and I was surprised to discover that I had received quite a bit - certainly a lot by the standards of 95% of the planet's population anyway.

I regard services like Spotify as equivalent to the FM radio that I listened to during the 1980s, the main difference being you couldn't click a link and decide what to hear next.

The downside of that is that somebody like me, without tens of thousands to spend on marketing and plugging, couldn't get on local radio, let alone national radio. And there was no such thing as global radio.

So my music is available to millions of people who maybe wouldn't otherwise hear it, in high quality, for free.

If you can stand those stupid, brain-numbing commercials.

I just hit the mute button.

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