Hey Ott, do you think you are doing yourself a dis-service by using ableton stock native plugins, especially abletons stock compressor and saturator? i tend to use only a few external plugins where needed, with the intention of making the best of what ableton has to offer, before looking elswere :)

p.s read earlier that you play return to castle wolfenstein haha love that game!

Ott responded on 09/03/2013

No not at all. Ableton's bundled plugins are, on the whole, very capable, if a little lacking in character.

The compressor, EQ Eight, ping-pong delay and saturation are all very useful, although I should say, in the studio I don't use Ableton Live as anything more than a writing sketchpad. I wouldn't want to mix anything in it.

For that I use Cubase 6.5 - although the bundled Steinberg plugins are crap. I use Cubase's "External Effect" plugin connected to my rack of mostly cheap shitty outboard which gives me better results [to my ears anyway] than even the higher-end plugins.

With the exception of my SSL Pure Analogue EQ and dynamics units, everything else is second-hand junk I got off eBay.

I love RTCW - wishing there was a port to Mac because I don't use Windows anymore and I miss it a lot. I know the village of Paderborn better than I know my own home town. Many's the time I've been stuck in traffic while somebody is holding shit up and I've wished for a Snooper Rifle...

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