I'm not yet fully happy about the basses in my tracks.

In a fully digital environment - softsynths/samplers and plugins, do you have some tips? I am looking for some characteristic bass sound that I can call "my" bass.

A lot of the times I use the basses in Trilian.Do you think that is going to make my basses sound banal, as it's what "everybody" uses?What should I go for...the MS20 plugin, or any softsynth?I have the Alchemy synth, but I don't like it much for bass.

I make my basses go through the default bass amp of Logic.I have Guitar Rig but the little I have used it I haven't seen a significant advantage over the Logic bass amp. Some other plugin that could be good for that?

As for EQ, I have the default Logic one and the Waves SSL one.The latter seems to be of much higher quality for everything, but if you have more tips on EQing bass...I guess you use your mixing console for that.Do you ever EQ your bass with plugins, and do you do that at a mixing stage or while composing?

Ott responded on 09/08/2013

There are no rules that cover the subject of "bass' - no universal factors that always apply.

I would question the idea of putting all of your basses through an amp simulator unless that is a sound that particularly pleases you.

Trilian is a huge box of bass synths which *should* give you what you need but suffers from 'Spectrasonics Syndrome' which is what I call the practice of bundling instruments with thousands of impressive presets. They sound fantastic in isolation but generally require a lot of shaping and taming to make them fit.

I would advise you to keep your bass sounds simple and clean. Use EQ to shape them into your tracks and compression to iron out the levels. Don't neglect the initial transient.

Just as important is making sure the bottom end of all your other sounds doesn't encroach on the bass by making use of high-pass filters on your other instruments to keep that area of the track uncluttered.

Analogue equipment isn't necessary to get good bass.

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