Hi OTT!!

What do you think of putting stereo compression on the master bus before arranging/mixing? I don't want to squash the high end too much but it seems to make my mixes tighter. One more newb question about compression. If I compress my instrument groups separately and also have compression on the master bus, can I still get my mix to sound bright and clean? This is the problem Im having. Gluing it all together and keeping it crisp. I use the Oxford Inflator to bring back some of it. Cheers

Ott responded on 11/04/2013

The only answer to any of that is "experimentation is key" and "If it sounds good, do it."

I would say, though, that it's very important to look after your transients. Transients = clarity.

Once you've snapped them off they're hard to get back.

I wouldn't ever put an Oxford Inflator across a whole mix but now I'm curious.

I'm going to try it next time and see if I like it.

EDIT: Nope. Sounded horrible.

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