Somebody asked you what your favorite plugin is and you answered: Kontact...

what do you do in Kontact that one couldn't do in Live's Sampler or Logic's EXS? What do you use it for? Realistic instruments? beat mangling? I honestly don't find much use for it in my own electronic music. I would use it if I were to do orchestral music...

What do you use it for?

Ott responded on 10/18/2013

I use it as one would use any sampler - for playing back chunks of digital audio in various states of modification.

I don't use Logic so the EXS point is irrelevant - and when I did use Logic I found the EXS to be clunky and poorly designed. It has probably come on a bit since 2003.

Kontakt is beautiful. Like most NI products it is a masterpiece of complexity and simplicity combined. I cannot imagine a more comprehensive and brilliantly designed sampler.

I prefer Battery for drums.

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