I hope you're not bored of questions about compression... but...when you say you compress in bands of freq, what do you mean
- You use a multiband compressor?
- Or do you take the sound into several different channels each with band pass filters at various frequencies, then combine back at the end (with original sample)?
- And finally are you talking about compressing individual drum hits, or a whole track?

I know it's just about experimentation and personal taste, I've tried all methods, but you have such a bunch of lovely drums, I wonder if I'm missing something!

Ott responded on 10/18/2013

If I have a bass sound with a lot of mid and high frequency content I'll use a phase linear crossover to split it into two channels, one low-passed at about 110Hz and the other high-passed at 110Hz.

I can then treat each channel as appropriate.

It also gives me the opportunity when mixing to turn up the 'weight' fader instead of having to keep fucking with the EQ.

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