Managed to FINALLY get my hands on a Soundtracs mixer per your mention. During it's inaugural mix-down I instantly fell in love. Wonderful character and a fun mixer to "play". I know you've said opinions are like assholes, but I'd let your asshole pick my mixer any-day. And.... well... ok... i'm leaving now.

Ott responded on 12/02/2013

When I was a freelancer I used to spend my working days on SSL, Neve, Trident or Amek consoles and then I'd get home and fire up my Soundtracs - and it wasn't a total letdown. The EQ is genius - feels like a much bigger console - and the way the preamps fatten up as you drive them harder reminds me of a Trident or an SSL.

The noise floor is about -55dB [it hisses like a bastard compared to a proper mixer] but with a bit of care that is manageable.

And it doesn't suck up £5000 worth of electricity every year and a couple of thousand in maintenance. I just replaced two faders in mine and it took 3 hours.

I'll never part with it - unless I can find a bargain Trident or Harrison or Amek somewhere.

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