Saw you tear up the Solo club in Tel Aviv a few days ago. When will you visit this corner of the world again?

And a fun question... what can local musicians do to help the peace process? Nobody listens when we tell them to just get along...

Ott responded on 12/02/2013

I'll be back in Israel around April, it's looking like.

I think the whole 'peace process' thing is overplayed. Humans are collectively fucking dumb.

Too many people have vested business and social interests in prolonging conflict for peace to be a plausible outcome.

If everybody stops fighting, from where are the local warlords going to derive their social status? Who will pay dividends to investors in arms companies?

Peace may break out one day in your region but the conflict will just move somewhere else. Weapons manufacturers are enormously important to a lot of countries' GDP and they need war to stay in business. Their lobbying activities are very influential and few politicians have the integrity to resist them.

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