Hey Ott, how you doing?

I am going OTB with a 24 track Solo soon, can I ask you, you daisy chain 3 or 4 RME FF800's (same interface as me) did you ever just use the ADAT out to expand or would you recommend it?

I know using the RME converters is preferable, but on a budget, could you give me some ideas on how best to use all 24 channels going from the DAW and with various analog synths and FX routed back in?

Looking forward to your gig on the 14th, see you then :-)

Ott responded on 12/02/2013

I'm great, thanks.

When I bought the Firefaces the AD-DA converters were the best I could find for my budget.

I needed 32 analogue I/O [one for each channel of my desk] and it was cheaper to do that with Fireface 800s than it was with RME ADI-8 units and a PCiE ADAT card.

The Firefaces function exactly as the ADI-8s - ADAT I\O, 8 analogue I/O with Wordclock - with the added bonus of 4 [superb] mic preamps per unit and the option to use them with my laptop.

So I got 24 channels of RME I/O for £1000 less than I would have spent on the ADI-8s with a bonus 12 mic preamps thrown in. No-brainer.

For the last 8 channels I bought a thing called a Marian Adcon which is a cheapish 8-channel ADAT to analogue I/O. That did the job perfectly well although I never A-B'd it against the RMEs. I don't recall ever thinking channels 25-32 sounded any less impressive than channels 1 - 24.

This was seven years ago too - I bet ADAT - analogue interfaces have got better and cheaper since then.

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