I haven't been this passionate about an artist's music since Depeche Mode. I expect that I'll be listening to your music some twenty plus years later as well. I hope you keep putting out such amazing sounds for years to come. Do you plan on creating music as long as possible or do you look forward to a retirement of sorts?

Ott responded on 12/16/2013

The first band I ever really loved was Depeche Mode. I heard 'Dreaming Of Me' in 1980 when I was 12 and realised what I wanted to do with my life. I bought everything they released, saw them at Hammersmith Odeon [sneaked in underage with my friend and his older brother] and knew all the words. I even bought a grey raincoat and grew my fringe so i could pose in front of the mirror with my Roland SH-101.

Then Vince left and my interest began to decline. I let go of them after 'Some Great Reward' - the soppy piano ballads and sub-Neubaten clanging started to get on my tits.

"Upstairs At Eric's" was a huge album for me too. I'm more into the analogue than the digital when it comes to electronic music. I ended up working 'Upstairs at Erics' myself later on when I worked as an engineer at Blackwing Studios during the 1990s. Eric Radcliffe was my boss and sold me loads of Vince's old gear he found in a cupboard. I still use it all to this day.

I can't retire as i don't have a job.

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