In pictures of your new studio, it appears that you have your mixing desk up against a wall. The prevailing opinion that I've found on the internet is that this is "bad". I'm sure you have your reasons for your placement, as well as a method to your madness. Care to share both?

Keep wubbing!

Ott responded on 12/27/2013

Several points:

1. The internet is full of shit.

2. There's no such thing as 'bad'. If it sounds right, it is right.

3. There are no rules regarding mixer placement. I think you're confusing this with speaker placement.

4. My mixer is placed centrally in relation to the width of the room and such that the mixing position is 2/3rds the way down the room. It works perfectly.

EDIT: I just read that back and it seems kinda grumpy. I think I wrote it at an airport during a storm on no sleep.

Please excuse my terseness and accept these smileys as an indication that I'm now back on my sofa and feeling far more relaxed.






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