[continued] I realize softsynths like Alchemy and Omnisphere give much better soinding results with less effort, out of the box. But THAT is my sound design challenge: I want to get decent sounds out of Reason alone. But I havent won yet.

The Thor does give much in terms of possibilities, being semi modular and that; the quality of sound is not necessarely high but DECENT, so Thor is my friend. My main problem was with the basic Subtractor, I want to get some good sounds out of it too, but to my ears it tends to give me extremely cold retro synth sounds WITHOUT the warmth of a retro analogue synth. Doesnt help that the effects in Reason sound like crap too to me. A Scream device set on Tape does add some warmth. I am beginning to feel that Subtractor IS che "cold synth" and should accept it as such. As for malstrom, I hate its too recognizable oscillators, with modulation I can get something interesting but not HIGH QUALITY.

A single sawtooth in omnisphere sounds better to me.

Ott responded on 12/31/2013

Sorry, your post is too low on information to be of any use.

You say you have been "learning sound design for a few months" yet you sound as if you feel you have exhausted the possibilities of three very fine instruments.

I would suggest you work harder, listen more and always remember the saying "A poor workman blames his tools."

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