Maybe the first part of my question didnt get through. The question was: should I feel like an incompetent person for thinking Subtractor in Reason sounds like shit? Is it merely my fault that I cant get decent soinds out of it?

Ott responded on 12/31/2013

Not necessarily 'incompetent' but you are at the very beginning of your learning curve. Recognise this and resist the temptation to dismiss some very well-designed instruments based upon 'a few months' of tinkering.

I can't get a decent sound out of a Fender Stratocaster - everything I try sounds awful. Am I to conclude that Fender guitars are shit, or should I just practice more..?

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hey ott :) how are you doing? hope you are doing awesome... thank you for melting my mind eternally and vicariously teaching me so much about psychedelic sound design through your wonderful music... infinite gratitude!

so this i what i've always wondered: what are you using for those awesome vocoder/vocal textures ala "queen of all everything" and "daisies and rubies"? while watching you and the all seeing I, i thought i noticed that nick was singing these parts live through something(?)...

also, where do you source your vocals and are you writing alien lyrics (382 seaside, smoked glass, daisies and rubies, splitting an atom, etc) or what languages are you using?

anyways, thank you for being excellent! wishing you all the best, much love and many blessings...

-chris :)

ps i saw you say something about being on the beach... check out envision festival (feb 20-23) in costa rica.. blissfest in the jungle, down by the beach ;) going to be amazing, ta ta for now...

Ott responded on 12/31/2013
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[continued] I realize softsynths like Alchemy and Omnisphere give much better soinding results with less effort, out of the box. But THAT is my sound design challenge: I want to get decent sounds out of Reason alone. But I havent won yet.

The Thor does give much in terms of possibilities, being semi modular and that; the quality of sound is not necessarely high but DECENT, so Thor is my friend. My main problem was with the basic Subtractor, I want to get some good sounds out of it too, but to my ears it tends to give me extremely cold retro synth sounds WITHOUT the warmth of a retro analogue synth. Doesnt help that the effects in Reason sound like crap too to me. A Scream device set on Tape does add some warmth. I am beginning to feel that Subtractor IS che "cold synth" and should accept it as such. As for malstrom, I hate its too recognizable oscillators, with modulation I can get something interesting but not HIGH QUALITY.

A single sawtooth in omnisphere sounds better to me.

Ott responded on 12/31/2013
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