hey ott :) how are you doing? hope you are doing awesome... thank you for melting my mind eternally and vicariously teaching me so much about psychedelic sound design through your wonderful music... infinite gratitude!

so this i what i've always wondered: what are you using for those awesome vocoder/vocal textures ala "queen of all everything" and "daisies and rubies"? while watching you and the all seeing I, i thought i noticed that nick was singing these parts live through something(?)...

also, where do you source your vocals and are you writing alien lyrics (382 seaside, smoked glass, daisies and rubies, splitting an atom, etc) or what languages are you using?

anyways, thank you for being excellent! wishing you all the best, much love and many blessings...

-chris :)

ps i saw you say something about being on the beach... check out envision festival (feb 20-23) in costa rica.. blissfest in the jungle, down by the beach ;) going to be amazing, ta ta for now...

Ott responded on 12/31/2013

We feed Nick through all manner of whacky effect chains to get the vocal sounds live.

For 'Daisies..." he sings through Autotune [for the formant-shift effect to make him sound like a girl] and on "Queen..." he sings through a Korg MS20 synth and some distortion with me operating the filters.

On 'Adrift in Hilbert Space" he sings through a triggered gate with a S&H phaser and on "Joyful Wonder" and "Neon Tetra" we just let him loose with a bit of compression and delay.

I pick up vocal samples from all over the place. Some are found, some are taken from AM radio [weird Russian music stations and stuff] and some are sent to me by random people.

I've forgotten where a lot of the older stuff came from - it was all just cobbled together in a herbal haze and suddenly I had a song finished.

Thanks for kind words and same to you.

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