Any thoughts on the Arturia Microbrute? I think it could be a good as a first hardware synth for myself. I've been in the box for a couple of years and now I'm thinking of getting it, as it's cheap and looks cool as per functionality.

Or, do you have another recommendation for a first synth? Can't spend one grand. Should be around 300-400 euros.

The Korg Volca keys was another option but I the Microbrute is more of a real synth.

My ultimate dream would be a Doepfler modular. I like the idea of patching anything with anything à la Reason.

Probably someone asked already, but what is your favourite hardware synth of all? And do you have a favourite software one?

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

I have never used the Arturia or the Volca [tempted to try one though] but I have to say that the best synth to learn on would be a Roland SH-101.

It was my first synth in 1984 and also Simon Posford's I believe, a few years later.

They're brilliantly designed, gorgeous sounding and a tried and tested classic. It will only ever appreciate in value and covers every possible sound you could want from a monosynth.

The Doepfer is great but a real time-suck. If you have time to spend two hours on a bass patch then a big modular is great fun [and infuriating when it keeps going out of tune] but sometimes i just want to get shit done. Then it's time for the SH101.

My favourite soft synths are the Korg Legacy MS20 and the GMedia Oddity and Imposcar.

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