Hi Ott,
I was wondering if you use a sub when tracking and mixing in your studio. If not, how do you keep sub under control while keeping the low end beefy ( example moog taurus pedal patch). I'm afraid once my track is done and I hear it on a system with a sub it will be to bassy in the sub region. If I use a low shelf is there a particular cut & que you recommend. BTW your suggested room treatments from a few posts ago realy did the trick. I removed all of the surgical cuts (5 of them) on my bass tracks and "hoopty doo" they're all nice and even now. Even passed the wife and kids test!
Thanks for all your tid-bits of help over the years. You've helped me and others here grow musicaly.
ps. Im using A7x's :0))

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

I don't use a sub and on the occasions I have, chaos has ensued. Unless your room is acoustically stable a sub will cause more problems than it fixes.

A much more reliable - and portable - technique is to place your thumb on the speaker, or into the port on the front of the Adams, and FEEL the bottom end.

We don't 'hear' sub anyway, we feel through our bodies, so the most direct way to experience what your sub-bass is doing is to acoustically couple yourself to the speaker.

My left-hand NS10 has a greasy thumb print on the bottom right corner of the bass driver where I've been resting my thumb on it for 20 years.

If you're still not confident about it then I highly recommend paying to have your tracks professionally mastered before you play them out. If you're serious about what you're doing it is money well spent.

I would never consider letting an un-mastered track out of my studio and I would never do the mastering myself.

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