At times when I produce music it becomes tedious and overwhelmingly complex trying to learn new things and techniques with the loads of programs and hardware out there. Did you feel this way at first? If so, what made you continue and improve as well as motivate you to put long hours into your work?

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

Nothing has ever excited me as much as the process of recording music, from as far back as I can remember.

I recall finding the learning curve frustrating at times but the constant process of improvement was enough to keep me hooked. Listening back to a mix and knowing that, although it is mediocre at best, the bass sits better than the last one you did is very exciting, particularly if you understand why.

I can remember the first time I compressed my drums and had that lightbulb moment: "So THAT'S how they do it!!" And then I spent the next two years horribly over-compressing my drums until I learned that moderation is the key.

I quite miss the massive excitement of mastering a new technique - the longer you do it, the fewer and further between the breakthroughs are - but I'm always learning and my enthusiasm is the same as when I was 13.

Always remember to break each process down into simple chunks.

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