I read that you are sound engineer but you did not study for it. how did you do that?

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

I bullshitted.

I read some magazines, watched a couple of engineers recording demos for my band and thought "I can do that".

Then I went to a cheap studio in London and told them I was an engineer with five years experience. When they asked me for a showreel i played them one I'd made from my record collection of bands they'd never heard of, recorded by pro engineers.

They believed me and gave me a job.

I was terrible at first but being the new guy i got given all the shitty bands nobody else wanted so nobody could tell I was a beginner.

I improved pretty quickly because I was working 20 hours a day for three years with virtually no time off, sleeping on a rolled up carpet in the studio store room and living on cold pizza.

Trying to make shitty bands sound good is excellent training.The day I got my first really good band I realised I had got pretty good at it:

But if you do anything obsessively for 20 hours a day, for three years, you'll get good at it.

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Any thoughts on the Arturia Microbrute? I think it could be a good as a first hardware synth for myself. I've been in the box for a couple of years and now I'm thinking of getting it, as it's cheap and looks cool as per functionality.

Or, do you have another recommendation for a first synth? Can't spend one grand. Should be around 300-400 euros.

The Korg Volca keys was another option but I the Microbrute is more of a real synth.

My ultimate dream would be a Doepfler modular. I like the idea of patching anything with anything à la Reason.

Probably someone asked already, but what is your favourite hardware synth of all? And do you have a favourite software one?

Ott responded on 02/10/2014
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Hello! You dont know how much I love "The queen of all everything". I probably heard it more times then any other human being on this planet. How many days/months took you to create it (The queen of all everything) ? Its so perfect! I know its about your wife (she is The queen (for u))? Tell me more about this song? like whats happening on the transition? The laughs and the voices? what are the lyrics (there)? I hear something like: "aaahh dreamm" or something. Excuse me if its compleatly not correct :D Then there is a girly voice singing something like "taaaa ahhhh" ? Who did that ? Is it your wife? Did you wanted to involve her somehow? And did you do it? (probably its a sample but.. sounds a nice idea since she is the queen) Whats happening on the song? How do you imagine it? Is there a story like... Every time I listen I see different things. Its so intense, so gentle, so uplifting.

Ott responded on 02/10/2014
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