Hello! You dont know how much I love "The queen of all everything". I probably heard it more times then any other human being on this planet. How many days/months took you to create it (The queen of all everything) ? Its so perfect! I know its about your wife (she is The queen (for u))? Tell me more about this song? like whats happening on the transition? The laughs and the voices? what are the lyrics (there)? I hear something like: "aaahh dreamm" or something. Excuse me if its compleatly not correct :D Then there is a girly voice singing something like "taaaa ahhhh" ? Who did that ? Is it your wife? Did you wanted to involve her somehow? And did you do it? (probably its a sample but.. sounds a nice idea since she is the queen) Whats happening on the song? How do you imagine it? Is there a story like... Every time I listen I see different things. Its so intense, so gentle, so uplifting.

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

I would hate to spoil the story in your head so I won't be too specific, but the song was started in 2004 and finished in 2008.

I wrote the chords in 2004 after I had just met my wife [to be] and although I loved the sound of them I couldn't think of a way to finish it so it sat on my computer for a year.

Then, in 2005, on the way home from Glastonbury festival, my friend Naked Nick dropped by my house to visit. I played him the chords and he offered to try a vocal over the top so we went into the studio and i set him up a microphone through loads of synths and effects and recorded his first take.

What you hear is his first time singing over it, through a Korg synthesiser and some delay and reverb. At one point i started really messing with his voice in his headphones and he started laughing. That's what you hear in the breakdown. At one point he says "That's really surreal!"

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