Greetings Mr. Ott

I recently took purchase of a beautiful Soundtracs Topaz, I'm really enjoying dialling in patches and sounds on my analog synths and getting all the fx sitting together live through the desk with no digital conversion.

I'm currently wiring up the FF800 outs to the tape in's on Topaz, so, I'm tracking my synths and stuff via the desk, even with some effects, printing via tape outs to AD/DA in. Then come mix down I return via the AD/DA to the Topaz tape in's. Then mix down on the desk with outboard etc and finally print the master to the DAW.

I'm curious about your method of working as my set up is similar to yours, I like to use ITB effects and editing plus soft synths and stuff, but also spend time working on synth and effects patches live in the analog domain. Am I going in and out of the converters to many times with my set up? Does it even matter? Which way do you tend to do things?

Many thanks and thanks for all the fish

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

Hi Gareth,

I used to work just like you but these days I am set up a little differently.

I have the 24 analogue I/O on the three Firefaces set up as External Effects sends and returns in Cubase and connected to the line in/direct out of 24 channels of the desk. This means I can insert channels of my Soundtracs mixer directly into channels of my Cubase mixer and have the best of both worlds. I get the sound of the analogue EQ and outboard effects, hands-on control of faders but with plugins and the automation possibilities of Cubase.

Summing is done digitally. It works brilliantly and sounds fantastic.

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