Always loved your music since the start!

Please inform if any uk dates on the horizon - thanks

Ott responded on 02/10/2014

Tribe Of Frog, Bristol on 22nd Feb 2014, and Elixir Of Life in London on April 5th.

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Should I feel like an incompetent piece of crap for thinking that Reason's synths, namely the Subtractor, sound like crap?

heres the deal. the resonance in the Subtractor sounds stupid. It is NOT the 'juicy filter' people look for in a virtual analog or analog synth. I am in the process of learning sound design and synths, have done that for a few months and I can tell that I do not like the sound of the subtractor and that every time I use it I feel guilty I havent used another softsynth to me available. I am ready to accept that this is solely up to my incompetence, though.

The Malstrom is indeed interesting, good for pads and evolving textures or anything else. But lets say its a quick, rough version of Absynth. I would prefer Malstrom only for the sake of speed. As for sound design, Absynth is superior. Incompetence or legitimate opinion?

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Ott responded on 12/31/2013
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Hey man, let me first express my appreciation for your work; I appreciate your work!

Jokes aside, i really do, I find inspiration in it, I just totally downright love it...

I just moved from Finland to the UK, or more eraborately; Bristol, in order to further my education within music production...
Now my question to you is as follows, would you be up for/able to let a human person, why not me, pay you a visit sometime, see how you work about in your studio for a day, and maybe learn a thing or two throughout the process.
Would be totally awesome, but I do understand if you wish for me to just keep it as my personal wet dream, however, I wish you all the best, and I can't wait to see you a tribe of frog in a couple of weeks!

(ps. I make great coffee!)

Ott responded on 02/10/2014
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