Wife and I love your music with a passion. We're constantly switching between you and Lemon Jelly for music and nothing else, here is the question: do you intentionally make your music to be cannibis- or hallucinogen-friendly or is that just a happy side-effect? I mean, of course this is a hypothetical question...:)

Ott responded on 02/11/2014

It's not a side-effect, and it is a consideration when I'm working.

The process of creating music induces in me a psychedelic state, very similar to those you describe, and my criteria for choosing certain sounds and textures is heavily influenced by that.

My own psychedelic experiences have obviously had a profound effect on my inner landscape too, and that is bound to influence what comes out. Also, my experiences of listening to others' music whilst in altered states of consciousness has left an impression which I purposefully try to recreate in my own.

I'm not tripping while I work though. I tried it once and found myself irritated by the need to retain loads of small, boring chunks of data in my head, which is necessary in order to use studio machines effectively.

I have a vapouriser though, and I'll very occasionally have a small nip of something while mixing because I find it enables me to walk in and inhabit the music like a 3d world.

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