Hey Ott! You're the best.

Quick question. In my town there's an industrial lube shop called Ott's Friction Supply. See their sign here:

Every time I see one of their vans or this sign, I want SO FREAKIN BADLY to get a shirt or something for you.

1) Would you even want something like that or is it the thought that counts? If so, I will stop at nothing to infiltrate their facilities and obtain one. Let me know the right size, though.

And 2) Do you have any sort of public-friendly way of receiving gifts? I'm not about to ask for your home or studio address any more than you're about to put that out on the internet.


Ott responded on 04/11/2014


No, there's no way to send me stuff - but I have too much stuff as it is.

Send gifts to your local homeless shelter instead, and tell them I sent you.

That makes much more sense.

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